Europa Center heliport [simulator]

Heliport Simulator GmbH

Commissioned by

Heliport Simulator GmbH

Time frame

May 2005 - October 2005


Tourist attraction in the Europa Center landmark building. A motion simulator ride atop the high-rise building. Visitors disembark from the express elevator on the 21st floor to enjoy a view of the West Berlin city and experience a perfect heliport illusion. In the waiting area, which is fitted out with attention to detail, a soundscape and video films suggest the imminent helicopter flight. Having moved up to the rooftop, visitors experience an eventful flight by helicopter in the motion ride cinema.


Themed design of all areas (decoration, media installations), engineering design, audio production, special effects, show programming. Operating schemes, design and realization of the box office area and ticketing system, technical and creative design of custom-built check-in counter and security checkpoint, signage system.