BASF Visitor Center


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Time frame

July 2005 - March 2007
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Visitor center at the BASF Group headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany. On more than 2,000 square meters, the center vividly conveys complex and multi-faceted information about BASF and chemistry in general. By means of 150 – mostly interactive – exhibits, innovative media use and sensory, even tactile experiences, technical knowledge is translated into comprehensible language and pictures that engross the mind. The history of and stories from the 140-year-old company, its customers and products illustrate the often invisible contribution BASF makes to everyday life.


Conceptualization, overall planning and project management for the exhibition and experiential spaces. Exhibition design and architecture. Engineering design for media, show and systems technology. Software development and media production. Detailed construction execution planning; tendering process for specific areas and selection of contractors. Coordination and supervision of realization. Start-up of operations and documentation.

Exhibits and attractions

Interactive periodic table of the elements Look to the future Interactive media table Interactive Virtual Car Interactive cube Virtual haircut Virtual tour of BASF manufacturing operations Oxyhydrogen rocket Sustainability scales The perfect steak Scent organ Visitor dialog Virtual car race Interactive map of the world

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