BASF Polyurethanes Showroom

BASF Polyurethanes GmbH

Commissioned by

BASF Polyurethanes GmbH

Time frame

February - September 2012


BASF Polyurethanes GmbH headquartered at Lemförde, Germany, has grown to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of polyurethane basic products and systems.

The World of Polyurethanes in the Information and Communication Center: the exhibition space presents the specialty plastic material focusing on emotions. It is an opportunity for employees, visitors and customers to experience the diversity of applications in pictures and stories and literally grasp what it is all about, thanks to exhibits from the most diverse industries.


Conception, overall planning and project management for the exhibition. Scenography, exhibition design and architecture. Engineering design, light design. Software development and media production. Exhibit execution design. Coordination and supervision of realization. Start-up of operations and documentation.

Exhibits and attractions

PU Showroom introductory film Product scanner Material testing machine

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