Information and Communication Center

BASF Polurethanes GmbH

Commissioned by

BASF Polurethanes GmbH

Time frame

July 2010 - September 2011


Refurbishment and redesign of existing meeting and conference rooms to create a modern, attractive Information and Communication Center with integrated corporate and product presentations.

Representative, inviting rooms provide an ideal setting for meetings, whether they are creative small team sessions or corporate seminars with more than a hundred participants. High-quality furniture and up-to-date conference technology foster effective communication. Attractive recreational areas that blend in harmonically with the environment enhance communication during breaks; along with a high-class corporate exhibition, they form an ideal framework for productive meetings.


Analysis of requirements, development of innovative approaches to communication in a conference setting. Interior and exhibition design; outline, detailed and execution planning for the exhibition. Conference area planning and design, selection and sampling of conference furniture, media and lighting technology, design of customized furniture. Budgeting, project management, support in tendering and award process. Management of specialized planning, on-site coordination and quality assurance.

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