Vision World [360° multi-media attraction]

Volkswagen AG


Volkswagen AG

Commissioned by

BRC Imagination Arts

Time frame

March - November 2001


This unparalleled interactive multi-media installation presents the Phaeton world. A globe with a diameter of 12 meters is utilized for a high-definition 360° large-scale projection encompassing all of the viewer’s field of vision.

As an integral part of the projection, eight interactive touchscreen terminals enable visitors to retrieve customized, daily updated ecological, business, cultural, sports and leisure information as well as global news. The combination of web, database and projection technology creates an innovative dimension of information transfer. The Transparent Factory as a node of global connectedness.


Local project partner for the construction of the full-size prototype: location scouting, organization of erection, coordination of high-speed data connections with production sites around the globe, scouting for suitable motion graphics artists. Coordinating project partner during realization.

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