Interactive periodic table of the elements


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Time frame

September 2010 - February 2011


The exhibit forms part of the exhibition at the BASF Visitor Center.
The brief was to design an interactive multi-media exhibit to introduce visitors to the world of chemistry and allow them to experience the periodic table of the elements. Cast in acrylic cubes, 103 elements of highest purity wait to be viewed by visitors as under a microscope. Augmented reality provides a wealth of information on the elements: applications, discoverers and typical properties. Chemistry becomes a haptic, media and aesthetic experience.

Here’s what the jury of the German Design Award 2013 wrote: “The exhibit becomes a haptic, media and aesthetic experience. A fascinating and exciting piece that arouses people’s interest in research. High-grade (and entertaining) learning.”


Idea, conception, design, user interface; exhibit planning, development and design; test installations and functional ergonomic testing. Exhibit texts and photos, audio production. Execution planning, quality assurance during realization.

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