Elastocoast fountain

Elastogran GmbH

Commissioned by

Elastogran GmbH

Time frame

October - December 2009


Elastocoat, a new polyurethane product developed at the Lemförde, Germany, site, gives revetments for a new, innovative coastal protection system. A decorative fountain in front of the BASF Polyurethanes administrative building presents this product as an aesthetically pleasing yet functional solution, demonstrating product advantages in continual use. A matrix of computer-controlled water jets sends abstract waves rolling in on an Elastocoast dam.

Time of realization from the initial idea to inauguration: 3 months.


Conception, several fountain design proposals, feasibility and cost estimates. Outline, detailed and execution planning, program visualization by 3D animations, sequence programming for the fountain programs. Quality assurance during realization.

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