Brands and People

Every company is interesting. It’s not the size of a company or its business that will get us involved. What drives our project work is new themes, tasks and challenges. We are intrigued by people, products, strategies and processes.

"With flying saucer, the chemistry was right from the start. We were impressed not only with the ideas presented by the team and their excellent technical expertise, but also felt right away that they were very excited to learn about our company, our products, our mindset. It is this interest and their individual commitment that generated a very fruitful cooperation."
Dr. Anette Eckerle, BASF SE chemist and manager of the "BASF Visitor Center in Ludwigshafen" project, March 2007.

A guest turned brand ambassador – this extraordinary transformation does not occur without intense emotional involvement. The brand experience must appeal to all senses. This experience inevitably requires authentic, interactive, emotional staging. Credibility is most essential: it breeds trust and confidence.

"Only 24 hours ago, I didn’t have the faintest clue what polyurethane might be. From now on, I will associate my running shoes with Lemförde, and I’ve acquired an interest in car doors this afternoon."
David McAllister, Prime Minister of the German state of Lower Saxony, after visiting the polyurethane showroom in Lemförde, September 2012.