Magic and Feasibility

Set the course in advance – it pays to analyze initial ideas and concepts at an early project stage with us to assess their feasibility and make sure the right questions are asked. Is this idea realized in the best possible manner? Do we need a grand or a small, surprising staging to get the most out of the budget available?

At this stage, flying saucer advises, supports and assists businesses, agencies, investors and public institutions in planning and designing

  • Visitor centers, brand worlds, exhibitions, info centers and showrooms
  • Leisure facilities, theme parks, science centers and museums
  • Attractions, media and exhibits

Idea generation, planning, conceptualization and design: it’s the combined and precise advance thinking that turns a project vision into reality. The range of early-phase project services we offer comprises

  • Idea generation, i.e., proposing the optimum solution and outlining alternative options
  • Early-stage feasibility assessment, bearing in mind and discussing concepts and designs
  • Conceptual/technical consultancy aiming for an attraction of high experiential value

We will decide, together with our client, which steps should be taken at any given stage of the project and will, if required, provide comprehensive project development services.