Physics and Fantasies

The multi-dimensional interplay of creative and engineering services is the hallmark of our services. In line with requirements, we provide

  • Conceptualization, scenography and design
  • Outline, detailed and final proposals, execution and engineering design
  • Software development, media design and production
  • Tender and award process

The result in plain view: our clients keep track of project development continually by means of digital 3D models, mock-ups and test installations.

We are excited about wow factors achieved by dramatic staging. Our choice of the appropriate creative form will be made depending on the contents and effects to be achieved. Delighted visitors, the reactions of our clients and the design awards we have won on the international level confirm that we are right to take this approach.

Technology fascinates us – especially if it works as a silent partner. We use technology as a tool, just like any other conventional method. If we believe that media or software-based exhibits will enhance the experiential value of an attraction, we will select innovative, surprising and immediately usable solutions.

screening media
producing media

assessing concept feasibility

collecting ideas

enjoying colors

packing results

finding inspiration

and filing

inventing scent organs

discovering structure

testing technology

tailoring boxes

thinking together

by oneself

researching backgrounds


trying out something new

with a partner

with a pen

experiencing visions